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Shanghai property and living advice by Adrienne Farrelly


My name is Adrienne Farrelly. I am a Melbourne born Australian who arrived in Shanghai in 1994. Since then I have spent a fair bit of my time helping expatriate families, couples and singles find their new homes in Shanghai.

I really enjoy hunting out the best places and getting the best deals for my clients. After finding thousands of properties for new arrivals I have great insight into the finest homes and locations for each individual moving to Shanghai. As a foreigner I understand where people are coming from. I believe this knowledge and understanding gives me the edge over local estate agents in Shanghai.


I launched my property agency in Shanghai in 2000 and named it Shanghai Properties. The business has a team of experienced expats and locals who source homes, negotiate deals and help our clients settle into their homes.

My experience with Shanghai Properties includes brokering housing deals for some of the biggest names in town, including two US Consul Generals, Italian and Hungarian Consul Generals. When I’m not rubbing shoulders with diplomats I spend my time managing the office and troubleshooting tough cases. In my free time I explore Shanghai and share lots of useful advice on this blog as well as answering readers questions on expat forums.


Many consider me a sought after specialist in residential leasing in Shanghai, I have been a guest writer for Easy Expat, Expat Arrivals and have appearedon ICTV news programs.


I have been an active member of a truly wonderful site called Shanghai Expat, which was started by a dearly loved but sadly departed man named Michael Connolly RIP. On the site I share my experiences and advice on moving to Shanghai, the fickle business of looking for a property in Shanghai, relocation tips, and other fun stuff happening around town. From my 3,000+ posts I have some wonderful support from expatriates in Shanghai, China and all around the world who have benefited from my sound and practical advice Shanghai.Asiaxpat is another site she regularly answers readers questions in the Advice Forums – Living in Shanghai and Shanghai Property. As long as there are people that need my guidance and advice I will be here to help.

The following are some of my contributions out there:

Over the years I have added lots of useful advice to the Shanghai Properties website but I wanted to make it more personal, accessible and fun so I started this blog.


In my Shanghai blog I want to share all that I know about moving to Shanghai and highlight some of the really special places around town. I also feature some of the really fabulous homes we have to offer. I hope you enjoy all that I want to share with you about moving to and living in Shanghai, one of China’s most diverse and exciting cities.


Come along for the ride…….